When picking out jewelry for someone it’s important to know what you want the jewels to say. To find the perfect piece to dazzle someone look for something that symbolizes their personality, or your feelings towards them. With heirloom jewelry williamsburg va selections, they’ll love their gift and know it came straight from the heart.

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There are hundreds of different crystals, each with their own history and spiritual uses as well as intuitive meanings and symbolism. They may look like pretty colors, but each one conveys unique emotions and characteristics. To help you pick the perfect gift, let’s look at different crystals and their meaning to match with your loved one.


Aquamarine is a pale blue crystal that is named after the sea. It is said to inspire truth and trust, as well as to help clarify the future. Giving an aquamarine pendant to someone can suggest that you trust them wholeheartedly, and see a future with them.


Sapphire is considered a holy color, and is used to ward off evil and black magic as well as protect from poisons and diseases. It is a stone of wisdom, learning, divinity, focus, and healing of the mind. By giving someone sapphire you are saying that you see them as invaluable and wise, and wish them protection in life and beyond.


Topaz symbolizes fidelity, love, friendship, strength, and courage. It symbolizes immense energy and warmth, and comes in various colors across the spectrum. Giving a loved one topaz indicates that you find them has a sense of strength encourage, and that their personality is warm and radiant.


The ruby symbolizes fiery passion. It was once said that if you toss a ruby into water it would boil, and if you pressed it into wax it would melt the wax. If you gift this jewel to someone, you are saying they light your passions and warm the fire in your heart.

When giving a gift, no matter the reason or the season, choose a crystal from the heart that means much more than just pretty colors.