Most women enjoy wearing jewelry. It matters not what their cultural background is. Nor does it have much to do with their socio-economic status. Because women on the lowest rungs of the socio-economic scale will find inventive ways to ‘wear jewelry’ as part of their dressing-up décolletage. And, statistically speaking, most men enjoy wearing jewelry too.  But in this case, culture, heritage and mores do have an influence.

Westernized men of the more masculine persuasions would not be seen dead wearing extravagant pieces of jewelry. Rather, they would much prefer to be wearing a stylish luxury wristwatch or a prestigious sports watch. One of the most iconic brands sort after by most men will be the Rolex. But most men will not be able to afford it. To compensate, they can turn to the certified pre owned rolex wristwatches.

These are no knockoffs, to be sure, but they are still hand-me-downs. As to why anyone would want to part with a Rolex, well, there are humane reasons, but that would have to be a story for another day. The gentleman that prefers to wear a Rolex and must find one but cannot afford one out of the box, must just make absolutely certain that his dealer is authentic, as authentic as the watch that he is purportedly selling.

There must be more than enough evidence that the seller is a fan as well. So enthusiastic is he about the Rolex brand that he would not wish to ever be seen near a fake Rolex. And yet he must, from time to time. This gentleman must still restore the watches brought to him. He needs to restore them to a condition they were once in when their original owners first bought them. Well, as close as possible, in any case.

And from time to time it will happen that someone has brought him a fake Rolex wristwatch and it is his duty to show the bewildered customer the differences between the fake watch and the authentic article. For the genuine watch expert, this is very easy to do. Like most luxury brands, Rolex watches have some rather distinct features which not even the most talented fake artist can replicate. For instance, every genuine Rolex watch has what is called a cyclops window. This is a magnifier that makes the watch’s finite date counter visible to its wearer.

The expert watch dealer should be able to tell his customer straight away that the magnification capability of this above-mentioned device should always be set at 2.5X. And before you even come close to the watch dealer, you’ll know you’re dealing with a fake if you’re presented with one. All you need to do is test the weight of the watch. Strictly speaking, all Rolex wristwatches are heavy. And if it’s light and slipping about your arm, then you should know that you’ve just slipped on a fake.

Every aspect of the authentic Rolex works to perfection, and looks perfect too.